Mandelic Acid Complex Serum


Mandelic Acid Complex Serum


Exclusive complex formula with mandelic acid and tranexamic acid has a whitening effect, improves the dull skin and avoids the acne blockage, in order to have clean and bright skin.  It is the treasure of skin rejuvenation.


Mandelic Acid Complex Serum is our exclusive formula. With control on the concentration of mandelic acid in 6%, the serum has the obvious skin revitalizing and exfoliating effect without hurting the skin surface.  By adding hyaluronic acid and tranexamic acid, moisture content will be replenished during the skin changing process to ensure no peeling skin after long use. Significant effect on dull skin and skin with less care, and skin will be bright and rejuvenated after being used. Also good to solve the oily skin with acne problem and acne marks, to avoid the acne blockage with long-term usage. Mandelic acid is currently the finest content of skincare products in the world, and is safe and effective for the medical skin care lover.  The mandelic acid content is the main concern, and we stabilize its content to ensure our products are safe and effective. Suggest apply it every night.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions12 × 24 × 35 cm