Haze PM2.5 is One of the Main Sources of Skin Sensitivity

Haze PM2.5 is One of the Main Sources of Skin Sensitivity

PM2.5 The Skin Killer in the Air

Due to global technology and industrial development, the industrial pollution results in dense haze, and has severely polluted the world that is known as “smog”. No doubt, haze harms the human respiratory system, and to wear a mask is one of the preventions to keep us healthy. Unfortunately, most people have limited knowledge on the terrible haze. Haze contains fine particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller (PM2.5) that can penetrate through our pores. The residue in the dermis will damage the basic protective layer of the skin day by day, and make the skin sensitive, dull and fragile unknowingly. Therefore, back in 2105, the major world brands and well-known makeup companies have released the Anti-Haze PM2.5 Products one after another to emphasize the importance of anti PM2.5.

Our Daily Lives Surrounded by PM2.5

Our daily lives are surrounded by haze, besides wearing a PM2.5 mask, do not ignore exposed skin, especially the facial skin. The air pollution constantly invades facial pores and causes skin damage. Hence, applying Anti-Haze PM2.5 Products for day care is a need for good skin care.

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